Why Choose TLC

Top 5 reasons to schedule appointment with TLC

  1. TLC is your local area lice eradication business that specializes in detecting and treating head lice and their nits (lice eggs). By choosing TLC, you will have the peace of mind that lice and their nits will be dead and gone following treatment. We guarantee that our 3 STEP lice and nits removal process will get the job done so you can sleep at night. Calling TLC for lice treatment is the only call you will need to make to get lice free in just one treatment!
  2. We offer FLAT FEES with no added cost for additional time. Lice and nits removal can be time consuming and per-hour charges can add up quickly. That’s why we established a flat-fee plan that doesn’t add additional charges for longer treatment times. Since we offer a 5-week guarantee program, you can be sure we will do an excellent job removing the infestation the first time around. Trust us…we don’t want to come back and re-treat, so we make sure we do a meticulous job eliminating lice and nits on our first visit.
  3. TLC offers a 5 WEEK LICE FREE GAURANTEE. Our top mission is to eradicate lice from your family, which is why we offer an extended 5 WEEK guarantee program. If you find live lice in any member of your family that was recently treated for lice by TLC within 5 weeks of the date of treatment, we will come back and treat your family FREE of charge.
  4. MOBILE SERVICE. We offer lice removal service in the privacy of your home. You will not need to drive anywhere because we come to you! In-home treatments are more comfortable for your family and you don’t have to wait to be treated at a walk-in clinic. We also value our client’s privacy and our services are discreet. We do not advertise our business on our vehicles!
  5. With our service, you will receive a step-by-step HOUSE CLEANING INSTRUCTION manual to de-louse your home. Our TLC professionals will share important laundering information and can answer any questions on how to clean your home and environment following lice infestation.