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5on Google,May 15, 2019


As much as I dislike when my children have lice, it is always a pleasure to see Daria. Her TLClinic is bright and pleasant, with plenty of things to do for kids. My daughters love it there! Throughout the years I contacted Daria several times and we saw her for check-ups and treatments. It has always been a great experience. She is efficient and thorough and very well organized, so we were always seen very quickly. Thank you, Daria!

5on Google,May 13, 2019


I have been to The Lice Clinic more times than I'd like to admit! Daria, the owner, is superb. She's very smart, science-based, enthusiastic about teaching her clients about how to spot and stop lice, and even lets you look at the lice under her microscope. As a physician, I knew a lot about lice, but learned a lot more from her. Her clinic is clean, stocked with things to keep kids busy, and her hospitality and service are outstanding. I've sent my entire family to this clinic and referred a bunch of friends, and everyone has been very happy. I can't recommend Daria and her clinic highly enough. May you never have a lice scare, but if you do, she has you covered.

5on Google,Apr 23, 2019


My 3 year old daughter was exposed to lice by her cousins. Her cousins and grandma were all treated at the clinic and had such a good experience that we decided to give them a call. Daria was awesome! She got us in to the clinic within 2 hours for a check. My daughter actually had fun getting her head checked (and she does not like getting her hair touched). Having a cute, kid friendly clinic with a tv that my daughter could focus on instead of on getting her hair touched made this experience so much better! She did not have lice, but Daria made the situation totally stress free. We will definitely come back next time.

0on Facebook,Nov 30, 2018

Amelie Le

Wonderful experience.I highly recommend!

5on Google,Nov 09, 2018


Daria saw me on a same day appointment after my daughter came home from school with lice two days before a long planned 15-day European vacation. She was so kind and calming and thorough. And then she went above and beyond to see us before her official opening time the day we left to make sure we were both totally clear and could enjoy our vacation worry free. I cannot recommend The Lice Clinic enough...I would give ten stars if I could!!!

0on Facebook,Nov 03, 2018


Thank you TLC sand Daria for coming to our house and eradicating the little critters from our home/heads.

5on Google,Aug 01, 2018


Erica seriously is the best. I don't know if we could have handled it without her. She put everyone at ease and gently handled the "situation". I can't thank you enough for the prompt reply and the fast scheduling.

5on Facebook,Aug 01, 2018


Quick and effective, either in your own home or their pleasant clinic

5on Google,Jul 28, 2018


Was able to get to someone to come to our house and check the whole family the same day we found the lice. The treatment was thorough and we were all lice free at a follow up visit a week later.

5on Google,Jul 23, 2018


Erika was simply awesome! She is super knowledgeable, efficient, and put our whole family at ease.

5on Google,Jun 12, 2018


This is a wonderful service. We've used them recently and previously we used Lice Knowing You, which is OK too but the people at the Lice Clinic are much friendlier and have better customer service. Pricing is similar, although there are flat rates instead of by the hour for services. They also have a mobile service so they can come to your home, which is a better experience in my opinion because you can focus on doing some cleaning while your family is treated at the same time. Highly recommended!

5on Google,Jun 12, 2018


Just discovered this brand-new location for an experienced business that's been doing good work already in our community for eight years via mobile (at home) service (which they still offer as well). Is it weird to call a lice clinic BEAUTIFUL!? Sparkling clean, colorful, inviting, and such a friendly, welcoming vibe. We went in for lice checks and walked out joking how we hope to go back again soon! This location is super convenient for NW Seattle, across the street from SPL's Greenwood branch. Some of the things my kids appreciated were the dry and gentle (but thorough) head checks without oil or painful combing. I will be recommending this business!

5on Google,May 27, 2018


Such amazing service! Daria not only takes care of those terrible critters, but she makes you feel so much better when you are freaking out! You know you're in the hands of an experienced professional who really cares about the problem and your family...can't reccomend Daria's Lice Clinic enough! It's not only the caring service but it's such a cute and welcoming atmosphere that you almost forget about the upsetting situation that causes you to be there...

5on Google,May 27, 2018


Easy scheduling, professional,set your mind at ease.Money well spent! Thank you TLC .

5on Google,Apr 26, 2018


Daria is an absolute angel! Keep her number handy, and look no further for any other help when you need it. She is one of the most professional, caring, knowledgeable, and non-anxious people I’ve ever met! Her office is amazing and welcoming, and her mobile service is an answer to prayer when dealing with any icky situations.

5on Google,Apr 26, 2018


I made it 12 years avoiding lice. Then middle school happened and my tween came home with lice and shared it with her toddler sister and I. We tried Nix and only accomplished burning our scalps pretty thoroughly. We then reached out to The Lice Clinic. Erika came same day and treated/checked our whole family. They also gave us a list of things to do to treat our house. Their 5 week guarantee and clinic have also been a lifesaver for this now nervous mom and copious amounts of dandruff from the initial Nix treatment. They have been so kind to check our heads as a follow up and no reinfestation was found. Hopefully we can avoid another outbreak in the future, but if we do run into lice again I will be calling The Lice Clinic immediately. I’d give them 10 stars if that were an option.

5on Google,Apr 26, 2018


I'm so glad we called TLC! My daughter has very long hair down to her waist. So I appreciated the flat rate fee & the 5 week guarantee. I tried the at home lice kits twice on her hair but didn't work so we decided to get help. TLC could have come to our home but we went the same day we called to Daria's newly opened location in Seattle (Greenwood) which by the way is wonderful. She has video games & books for the kids & a big screen TV for the parents! Plus a self serve Keurig coffee station & cold drinks in the mini fridge! While she worked her magic in the 'salon area' on my daughter we were as comfortable as could be in her stylish waiting room. Not only did she fix my daughter's lice but she checked my hair and did a quick comb out on my younger son. Daria is so professional and kind, very understanding and just all around makes you feel at ease and comfortable from the get go. I will rave about her to all the parents I know! It was only $175 but I would have paid more! It was money well spent. Plus she gave me a free metal comb! Thank you Daria! You're freakin' awesome!!!