Lice Removal at Our Lice Treatment Center

At The Lice Clinic we work with the best lice removal combs and other professional tools that help remove lice and nits. Our lice treatment center uses the best treatment products to completely eradicate lice. We focus on cleaning the hair by combing out the lice and nits so the kids can go home lice and nits free.


The Lice Clinic is trained & certified in the Shepherd Method by The Shepherd Institute


About the Shepherd Method:

“The Shepherd Method” is an effective lice and nit treatment method on today’s market with a strategic eradication process of strand-by-strand removal. It was established by a respected scientific lice expert named Katie Shepherd who founded the Shepherd Institute in 2004.


The Shepherd Method is a safe, pesticide-free, and 100% effective means of treating head lice. The treatment instills a methodical combing technique with the use of a professional lice comb and a thorough examination of every strand of hair for any lice evidence.


Head lice can be fully and successfully eradicate by using the Shepherd Method lice treatment. Children can return to school immediately after the treatment!

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What To Expect While Visiting

Our Lice Treatment Center 


Step 1 Screening for lice for the whole family

Step 2 Full lice and nits removal treatment if lice detected

Step 3 Schedule a free follow up to assure all lice are gone

Step 4 Have peace of mind with 5-week LICE FREE guarantee



Lice Treatment Center by The Lice Clinic in Seattle
Lice Treatment Center by The Lice Clinic in Seattle
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Lice Treatment Center by The Lice Clinic in Seattle
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